The proposal

Find the planning documents on the Documents page. To object see this page. All pages starting ‘2021’ are the LVA July 2021 submission documents

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Formerly ‘Selwood Garden Village’

This website was prepared initially for the Frome & District Civic Society, to explore the proposals by LVA to develop land to the south of Frome. A computer model has been developed from layout drawings provided as part of the consultation process during 2019/2020. These can be found here & here.

PROPOSED LAYOUT from Sainsbury’s / Marston Lane – click to enlarge


SGC water, roads & buildings

Current fields from this view

From Sainsbury's & Marston Lane - current

Revised proposals from LVA & the team are  here

The map is HERE – spot your house or favourite walk!

See Masterplan page for the layout & a link to the updated map.

Earlier stages of the project

In February 2018 the Selwood Garden Village proposal was made public. It is a response to the Mendip District Council Local Plan Part 2 Consultation. It suggests that the MDC plan should allow for a further 2,200 homes in Frome and these should be sited to the south of the town, below Keyford on the southern slopes of the town. The scheme also includes business allocations & a community hub. It was submitted by the ‘South Frome Consortium’, a group of agents, promoter & landowners.

See the submitted documents here. This website aims to explain the proposals for the general public and has been created for the Frome & District Civic Society. The Civic Society’s opinion on the proposal will be given once the documents have been thoroughly examined.

As the masterplan is difficult to read at such a small scale, it was mapped here to make the proposal easier to understand for the general public.

Links on the right explore what a ‘Garden Village’ is, and give good background. See the housing section for current housing number requirements. The phasing proposed is explored here. Find also exploration of highways issues, paths and green space.

Older consultation – see

Find an alternative proposal for discussion here.

A revised proposal has been made by LVA and you can find the consultation boards here update