Green spaces

You’d think that a ‘Garden Village’ would focus on green spaces. When I first saw the plan I though, oh good, it’s centred on a large green space so that must be the ‘village green’. Sadly this is not the case. The green space in the north west part of the site (shaped like a bird with a roundabout for an eye!), opposite Keyford House, is in fact so steep it would probably be uneconomical to build on. So that is where the roads and cycles interchange is placed, nothing like a village green.

So what else is there in the way of green space in the proposal? Well there are the existing hedgerows, the existing river valley and the consortia promises “Large areas of Green Infrastructure supporting new habitats, extensive parkland areas and new playing pitches”

“Generally, the site consists of improved and semi-improved agricultural land which is of limited ecological interest…. the appointed ecologist …. has confirmed that in their view the development would not give rise to significant adverse effects if appropriate mitigation measures are adopted.” and “Trees that exist within the site are yet to be fully assessed”

This is the greenspaces map. Note that all roads are coloured green!

green space

The main green space, in phase 1, is shown along the river valley, with housing to the NW & industry to the SE.

river space

And here it is on googlemap (see full map here)

river space on gmap

There is also a pond! It is unclear if this is to be retained as its proposed to be subsumed in an industrial estate.


The full Greenspace map, below, shows all major spaces proposed by the project. Note, also shows allotments (dk green) which have been omitted from proposal (but are protected so should be OK). To check which of these are currently accessible select the map and switch on the ‘Layout’ layer where you will find the existing rights of way.

Photo symbols show locational photos, these can also be seen on the site photos page.

greenspace updated


The Birchill Lane allotment site is protected & owned by a Trust, but nevertheless is shown as built on.

allotment plan

All this and further analysis of the public spaces proposed by the project can be found in the document  Greenspace analysis v4.

MDC constraints & considerations
MDC map showing agricultural land classification

Note; the land is Grade 3a, 3b & 4 on a scale of 1-5. There is no grade 1 or 2 land around Frome, so 3a is the highest grade available to local farmers.