Housing plans in LP2

How do Mendip District Council decide on additional housing numbers for Frome?

How do they decide on the number of affordable houses and what does this mean?

This is a follow-up report to the page explaining housing need.

Mendip D.C. have an ‘Evidence Base’ for population and housing. They make a ‘Housing Needs Assessment‘ & an ‘Affordable Housing Study‘ & a ‘Strategic Housing Market Assessment’ (SHMA) – Oct 2016 (298 pages).

They make a ‘Sustainability Appraisal‘ (166 pages) with constraint maps which assess the landscape & agricultural land (here is Frome’s – from here).

You can read a full description of the process and key findings here: MDC housing plans LP2 report.

Summary of sites and numbers for Frome: during the Local Plan period there are allocations of 1616 homes, with further ‘windfalls, taking this to 1741 homes, of which 458 are ‘affordable’. In addition a further 331 houses could be built on non-allocated sites (82 affordable).

This creates an allocated additional population in the region of 4300 to 6100 (at 2.5 or 3.5 people per household), plus the additional sites give a potential total of 5100 to 7250 more people living in Frome. This would bring the population from around 26,000 to 33,000.

NB: Only south part of Saxonvale site (Terramond / Bussman Cooper) has an allocation for housing and not the Notts / FTC part of the site. [not sure why].

MDC housing plans LP2




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